Kenneth Ely, DC - Chiropractor

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back painWelcome

Thank you for your interest in my chiropractic practice. I've been serving Whatcom County residents from my office in Blaine, Washington, for over 30 years.

I continue to explore treatment techniques. My goal is always a positive clinical outcome in a short amount of time. Most of the aches and pains for which people seek my help can be alleviated in 3-4 treatments.

Once a patient is out of pain, however, there is no guarantee it will never come back. Some pains can be produced by the aggravation of underlying chronic conditions that should be diagnosed as part of the proper handling of short-term flare-ups. And a first-time injury may open the door for a chronic condition.

I search for treatment methods that will not hurt or frighten patients and have borrowed ideas from physical therapy, acupressure, exercise rehabilitation, sports medicine, as well as good old-fashioned chiropractic.